Release notifications on GitHub
Feb 9, 2017
1 minute read

It’s important to keep code bases up to date with the latest (or long-term) releases of third party libraries and build toolchains. Code bases that are unmaintained eventually become incompatible with their deployment environment as the deployment environment is updated.

There is a simple way to be notified of releases on GitHub: Subscribe to the repository. The downfall of this method is that you receive e-mails for every issue opened in that repository. This leads to e-mail spam and alert fatigue. There is a less obvious method to get concise release notifications from GitHub. Take a release URL such as this:

Append .atom, like this:

Then add that URL to an RSS reader. I’ve added several release feeds to my E-mail client (Thunderbird) so I get a concise list of actionable releases when I check my e-mails each morning. This has greatly improved my awareness of important updates without filling my e-mail inbox with irrelevant issue notifications.

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